About Us

Ovenirold Baptiste, Owner.

The first question that people ask me about the business is, why name it uncomfortable?

It’s rather an interesting story… The name of the business came from the most perilous moment of my life. I was recovering from a motorcycle accident and was reflecting over my short life. Though I had talents, and dreams, I noticed that none of them came to fruition. In all those soul searching, the main culprit to my dreams was the state of comfortability that barred me from fighting, I was comfortable with the status quo, living a life with no risks or challenges. If comfortability was my kryptonite, then I set out to get uncomfortable in order to reach yonder. I came to the conclusion to name the business after the process or state of mind needed to move forward. There is a beauty in the unknown, new things and the uncomfortable that enables one to find out unknown things about oneself. I wanted every time I look at the name, I wanted to be reminded to get uncomfortable to find out what I’m capable of.


What inspired me to start the business?

As a former ridesharing driver, I’ve been in some unusual encounters where the clients do not care for the interior of the car. I had for instance a client came in the car with a dog, and the dog left an unexpected note in the car. I couldn’t accept any more clients until I fixed that issue, which took me an entire day to fix. I wanted to find a one stop shop that was dedicated help drivers protect their interior and also improve the passengers’ experience. The shops online did have car seats covers but they were not waterproof and the colors were too bland. The Uncomfortable Brand provides the modern and stylish look as well as the protection needed for your interior. Please look at our selection, and find out what best suits your need.


Why Shop with Us?

The most important aspect of our business is customer relations. We are dedicated to make shopping fun and easy with us. Our clients are our driving force, and we treat them with respect and integrity. The uncomfortable Brand’s goal is to make sure that all your needs are met and satisfied, we make it easy to get in touch with us concerning any issue you may have.

We know that you work hard for your money, and you deserve the best quality at an affordable price. Our products  will meet your standards. The products that we have in stocks were selected to improve your driving experience and to protect what’s important to you. No more worrying about fluids spillage staining and messing up your interior.  Please check our collections and see how we can help you today.